Malik Gallery

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One of the many 'shadowy' pictures of Malik! If 'shadowy' wasn't a word, it is now! Malik with his Millennium item in his big, gold chair... I could use a chair like that! A side view of Malik... I think those little eye marking thingies are cool looking!!

Little Malik is so adorable! A Malik picture with the weird subtitles at the bottom... Malik again... but he looks all see-through and stuff!

Another see-through Malik... Malik with his hood down... I love his hair! *pets Malik's hair* Malik with his Millennium Rod... the shadows make him look particularly evil... but very cool!

Hee hee... Malik looking evilish, as always ^.^ Malik with his Millennium Rod again... He looks so good in this picture!!!! I love it! (Sorry Yami... you're still my favourite! *huggles Yami*)

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