Other Duel Monsters Gallery

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Obelisk the Tormenter (Kaiba's God Card) The Winged Dragon of Ra (Malik's God Card) Slipher the Sky Dragon (Yugi's God Card)

Magician of Black Chaos (Cool, isn't he?) Gaia the Dragon Champion Several Kuriboh

Celtic Guardian Celtic Guardian Mystical Elf

Harpie Sisters Harpie Lady Harpie Lady (Japanese)

Harpie's Pet Dragon Red Archery Girl (cause she's one of my favourite cards!) Toon Mermaid (cause I like the toons too!)

Blue Eyes White Dragon (Kaiba's coolest card!) Red Eyes Black Dragon (Used to be Joey's coolest card!) I don't remember his name right now... it's when Kaiba merged his Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon with Yami Yugi's Black Lustre Soldier to fight the Mythic Dragon...

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